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New Lilliput indash on the scene !

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  • New Lilliput indash on the scene !

    ok.. this most likely has already been posted about.. but what the hell thought I would <postwhore> post it anyway </postwhore>

    It comes with a radio.. and a built in 45w AMP :-) and is full motorised !

    What do I think at a quick glance.. well the buttons on the front look a bit crap.. far too plastic looking. But saying this, if its got a radio and a built in amp... and full motorised, then hell If I hadnt already moulded my xenarc into my dash and bought a amp, I would be very tempted to give it a go.

    They are even on uk ebay at the mo

    What do u think ?

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    rolloxs just noticed theres a big thread going on at the mo about this. dam spank my arse.. sorry
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