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Help needed with character LCD coding. Will pay!

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  • Help needed with character LCD coding. Will pay!

    I am looing at getting one of these or something similar...

    from here

    My plan is to mount my touch screen up between the sun visors and have this display on my dash along with my volume knob, and next, previous etc buttons.

    What I need is a programme to grab the text from Road Runner and display it in this panel. (maybe with scrolling text if possible for track names) I know you can get simple plugins for winamp to do this but i want everything, including the radio channels names etc. Also volume percentage number and play pause etc etc.

    I have been told this is pretty simple to do but I have not got the time to teach myself as i have never done this kind of this before. What i want to know basically is who is up for doing it? I am prepared to pay them, or maybe buy them a panel the same as an incentive to get it all working and to use for testing.

    Come on then who is up for it? I am in UK.

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      have you looked at existing lcd programs im sure some of them can do the volume stuff etc then all you need is to sort the radio stuff
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        It states :"LCDsmartie recommended", try that for starters and see what it brings you.

        If you are not satisfied with it, you could look into the documentation of the screen, at least if it is included. Maybe it says something about how communication is set up. Or the brand and type of the display may lead you to a website with sufficient info.
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          May I suggest ?
          Time displayed in a different way!

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            LCD smartie is a great program, but it depends a lot on RoadRunner. I know CF has a LCD plugin (that works 'okay', it spazzes after a while). You would probably still need someone to code the plugin for Smartie to work with RoadRunner. If you go over to the Smartie forums, maybe someone will help you out.


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              I've written C++ code to control HD44780 modules via the parallel port. I'm not familiar with RoadRunner (and therefore how to interface with it) but I can probably help you out.


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                cheers for advice everyone, and the offer of help mushin. I have a lot of projects on at present and really cant be arsed to do it myself, cos would take me ages.

                Someone has offered to work with me on it, so hopefully its sorted.