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Need help: Dismantling CarTFT/LinITX/Tview screen.

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  • Need help: Dismantling CarTFT/LinITX/Tview screen.

    OK, I'm about to start building a LinITX/CarTFT/TView screen into a spare centre console panel in my Celica GT4 ST185.

    Was just wanting some advice before I start to pull it apart.
    Is the touch bonded to the panel, or to the bezel? If it's bonded to the inside of the bezel I don't fancy my chances of getting it apart without breaking something.

    Plan is to use the rear of the case after bonding to screw everything back together again. I think, mocking up with a scan and print of the screen, that I have enough room to get the screen in if I lose the cupholders, which I never use, as they block access to the lighter and ashtray.
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    Hey there,

    The touch screen is bonded to the screen itself so no worries removing it, that what I did to mine whilst moulding it.


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      Nice. I'm goign to have to space it, but I keep wondering to myself, wether it might be easier to butcher and mould the screen headrest shroud in(cutting out the back) then I can just clip the screen in and out from behind, and hold it in place with silcon (if a lot of the stiffness is lost when the back is removed from the shroud). That way, I can just cut the silicon off when I want to remove the screen to move to another vehicle.

      And that way, I could use acetone based ABS solvent to mount the shroud direct to the back of the spare radio bezel I have.
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        The screen has three screw at the buttom of the back plate. Remove them, and be carefull as you pull up, as it's held with clips on the upper part. Inside there are 3 scres (1 on the left side and 2 smaller ones on the right side). The whole thing gets out in one piece. Be carefull not to oull the meatl brackets as they're pretty unstable, to get it out, push from the TS side from downward to upwards, with the screen facing ofcourse down when you remove the screws.
        Don't mold the headrests shroud, you'll be sorry eventually, as the end result will definatly not look as good as molding the screen bezel.
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          Cheers Chris.
          I reckon I could make a pretty fair job of moulding the shroud and clipping the screen in.

          I guess butchering the shroud first to see how it would look is the cheaper option.

          I can always remove it and start again. This is going to be a slow build. Most of the parts for this version have been sitting in the spare bedroom for over a year as it is.
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