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  • In-Dash Screen Questions

    Now these once mythical screens seem to be fairly commonplace I have a few specific questions and would value some comments on people who have seen and/or used them.

    1. If the screen was mounted in a DIN slot that poined upwards at about a 30 degree angle can any of them have the screen configured to come out and stay at an angle so it was vertical? i.e. The DIN points upwards so the screen should not tilt quite as far up.

    2. Are any of them sufficiently non-descript to qualify as a stealth install? Ideally I'd like a plain flat cover or just a single on/off button shown when it is closed.

    3. Depth - they all seem to stick out somewhat from a standard DIN. If I have suffficient space behind my DIN can the casings be modified to pull it back in flush with the dash or would this then interfere with the mechanism?

    Thanks, Chris.