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    Is it possible to have 3 touch screens on one carpc, but get this, all 3 screens have independent functioning. I want to put headrest monitors and have them be able to independantly watch a dvd or gps, or whatever....and have a DVD drive mounted inside of the door, w/ a audio jack comming that possible, or should i just make all 3 monitors display the same thing ?

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    It's definitely possible, but there will be some things that will pose problems... Ie, you won't be able to have more than one screen playing a DVD at a time. It'd pretty much work just like multi-monitors on a desktop does, only one window would be able to have focus at a time still and everything. So two people couldn't be inputing information at the same time.
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      hmm, Interesting, I doubt that many people will be in my car at a time unless we're going on a road trip...for now i think i'll just work on the one in the dash....then i can upgrade later, buy monitors and video cards, etc.


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        this would be also great for having multiple screens in the dash. one running a music visualization (spectrum analyzer, etc.) and another for windows, google, digital gauges, scantool, etc...

        anyone done something like this?


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          Yes, Multiple touchscreens are possible. I saw someone here running two lilliputs each with a seperate ts. Im planning to this by the end of the summer. One for GPS, and the other for mp3s, dvds etc


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            I am very interested in trying this out as I would like to be able to give my little boy a screen in the back to watch movies etc. Multiple touchscreens and different viewing on each screen is a must, but I don't think it's a problem that only one screen could have focus at any one time.

            I'm going on ebay right now to see the latest prices on touchscreens...

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              2 touchscreens is fine. absolutely no problem with focus.

              I am planning on 2 screens eventualy but the second wont have a TS on it to make it nice and clear.