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6" VGA Touch screen from Document Scanner

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  • 6" VGA Touch screen from Document Scanner

    So we are cleaning out our storage area at work and I come across this Canon CD-4046 Document Scanner. I am having a hell of a time finding any documentation on the internet for this baby, let alone drivers. Here is a similar unit the CD-4050, both of which are discontinued.

    This unit comes with a VGA Touch screen that interfaces with the unit thru a 40 pin cable. I know that the controller care has to be incased in the screen itself because of the distance of the cable. I have found the data sheet for the LCD panel itself, and it has a 30 pin input from the controller board. See the data sheet below.

    Looking at the touch overlay, it looks to have 3 sets of wires, and I have yet to trace them out. The unit's PC core is a 1.7 Gig drive, running Windows 95 with a FAT file system. Its a 486x 100MHz processor, with 16MB of RAM.

    I am guessing that because of the system components, that the overlay interfaces thru a Com port. I want to try and use both the LCD and Overlay. How would I go about figuring out what each of the pins going thru the cable are? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.