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PsOne Lcd CSync doesn't work

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  • PsOne Lcd CSync doesn't work

    Hi @ all.
    I have a Geforce 2 Mx, with composite exit (RCA connector).
    I try to make a HS - VS => CSync..
    Well, with that circuit I dind't find any possibility with powerstrip to work it..
    If I connect the LCD direct to the video card, using only HSync, I can see the desktop, but the quality is very poor (the start menu is unreadeble)...
    What's the problem? what can be the problem?

    Next question..If I use the AV entrance on the monitor with composite exit on video card..Can I have some problem with CSync?
    Only a question..Where I can find a scheme of the connection on little jack behind the screen?
    I see two jack, one green and one black. on the black jack, there are 3 contact..where I put my composite wires? Ah, can I use a normale jack-rca audio-cable?

    Thanks a lot.
    Ps:- Sorry for my bad bad English..Have patience

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    You will find some usefull information by searching for "PSOne" on this forum.
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      I've searched a lot, but I cannot find the scheme of AV (jack connector)...
      I only find the VGA mod.


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        ok i bought my PS one LCD yesterday and i cant make it work with has Sync problems too. I used the AV jack though to check if my Display was PAL or NTSC. THE AV Jack when seen from the inside is a Stereo type socket where the tip of the pin is for Audio, the secone rim is for Video in, and the ground is the same as in a stereo pin connector.

        PSone AV in connector:

        Gnd----]===>----Audio in
        Video In--|

        Mine was NTSC so i set the output to make it work



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          My display instead is PAL...
          With composite signal the quality of image is nice..I cannot read very well the boot text, but it can readable..
          I'm wait for some screenshot of Matrox VGA and general composite Out...


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            A/V input

            Hello All

            just for your information:

            The A/V input is 4 pin jack connector. It is NOT 3! The LCD screen has stereo sound.

            i dont know exactly which pins are which. I just use an ordinary 3-pin audio cable to watch DVD/satallite on it.

            See attached picture of A/V cable dedicated for the PSOne.

            I have not used the LCD as VGA till now. But I will when I get some time.
            Attached Files


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              I can confirm from the manual that the AV jack is meant to be:

              tip = audio left
              next ring = video
              next ring = GND
              end = audio right

              (and by end, I mean where the metal meets the plastic/insulation)

              Now, does anyone know any cables that are actually compatible with this? I mean is, I can't seem to find much in the way of adapters/cabling that matches this...


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                The video cable is used for Sony camcoders, as well as the PSOne screen, and you can usually find the cables on Ebay in one of the two sections dedicated to the above.

                Also, if you don't mind having only mono sound, you can pick up a 1/8" stereo to RCA cable that will work. I think the red cable will be sound, and the white/black is video (maybe reversed, as I'm going from memory).