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Help! Xenarc Touch screen

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  • Help! Xenarc Touch screen

    Recently, I rewire all the cable in my setup. I run an active usb cable to the front rather than the old way of splicing usb hub to make it longer. I connect a hub to this active usb thing and connect my xenarc touch screen to one of the ports. The driver is installed and works fine. But somehow, sometime i start up the computer, the touch screen won't work. It either has to be unplug and plug in again or turn of the lcd power on and off, to make it work. And if it work, sometime, it just start functioning after 2 min or so. And then again, i have to use the same procedure to make it work. Can someone plz, tell me how to resolve this??? its so annoying...
    2006 Camry
    Compaq Laptop
    Holux GPS Iguidance 3.0
    7" Xenarc Touch Screen
    Carnetix 1900 Power Supplied, Wireless b/g

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    Read this and check if aply to your case:
    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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      Yes, that's the MAIN Xenarc thread, so you should find everything Xenarc-related there...