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Dynamix touch screen not working after standby (S3)

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  • Dynamix touch screen not working after standby (S3)

    Hi - I just purchased a Dynamix 805 screen and wonder if someone can help me with this annoying problem. I have my bios set to wake on USB and I go into standby mode and system does so. I turn off screen, back on and then tap it once, PC then powers up OK. Problem is, the touch screen no longer works. I have to disconnect the USB cable and reconnect then it works ok.

    Any help appreciated!

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    The problem was no power getting to the screen so I plugged in a powered hub and now it comes back on ok.

    Problem is, the PC wakes by itself about 15 mins after going into standby. It is defentely the touch screen causing the waking (unplugging the touch screen no longer wakes by itself). So my question now is why would a touch screen send any signals through the USB cable when it's switched off?


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      Also if anyone has a screen hooked up to a PC with a mouse have you had any problems with the mouse intefering with the touch screen? Some times after switching on the screen the mouse hovers in the top corner and everytime I move the cursor somewhere on the screen it shoots back to the same position. If I unplug my mouse it works ok.


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        I dont really have any answers to your questions, but I am waiting for fedix to deliver my 805 on monday. I will see if mine does the same thing and will let you know. I would suspect there is something with they mouse and the hub. what happends if you put the mouse dirrectly to the motherboard and not the hub?

        buy the way how do you like the screen?


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          Screen is nice actually, I wanted it for a HTPC not car so it fits in nice with my equipment. Nice beveled matte black finish. Good quality image. For some reason though it won't work with standby in S3 mode. I'm interested to see if you have the same problem.



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            Actually, I still have the problem with the cursor locking up. Please let me know if you get the same problem.


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              Did you get this issue resolved? I'm considering the 805, what are your general thoughts?

              Any other input on this screen?