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Window Xp resolution doesn't work on 7" LCD. Help pleasee.

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  • Window Xp resolution doesn't work on 7" LCD. Help pleasee.

    hi, recently i've installed a PC with window xp on my car. I have a 7" pyramid LCD screen. The PC itself has 3 ways connecting to the monitor. RCA video out, VGA computer connetor, and S-video.!!!...after i tried the RAC video out into the 7" LCD. It comes on with blury picture and look like Window XP has larger space. It took out more space than the 7" LCD should has. Thus i can barely see the text although i tried to enlarge to maximum. When i turn on GPS The texts are really small and it doesn't display the entire true image as it should display if it were on a normal PC monitor.!!!.. ..What can i do??..Resoltion size on Window XP's properties didn't work either.

    Should i buy a cable that has 1 end for VGA connector(PC's out), and 1 end for RCA connector (LCD's in)????..Will this help??..I will order online so it should take quite sometime. Has anyone experienced this?..and how do you fix it!!!...

    Basicly, the 7" LCD monitor doesn't display right!!.. Sorry for writing too much, but your help is much appreciated.

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    If I were you, bin the composite TFT and switch to a VGA one. You will never improve on the current picture through an RCA.


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      Basically it's a setting on the TV out. The TV output is set to 640x480, and anything above that on the desktop setting will show it 'stretched' so you have to 'pan' around the display.

      If at all possible, ditch the screen and get one with a VGA in. The blurriness will still be there even if you figure out the resolution.


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        man..i should have come to this forum before buying that LCD with RCA out. First, it's only for dvd. Now it looks like crap when i have my pc on...I'll be looking into those with VGA. thanks