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Pink smears on Planar 8.4 LCD

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  • Pink smears on Planar 8.4 LCD

    I've got a nice LCD screen but now that I've powered it up it looks like someone smeared pink all over parts of the screen. If I move my head to the left or right of the screen it isn't noticeable at all. But once I center my head so I am looking at the LCD straight on it's got some nasty looking pink to it. Has anyone else ever heard of this? I am wondering if something got screwy when I had to take it apart to mount the LCD bezel and do my bondo work. I tried some mild cleaner and just a damp cloth but it looks the same.
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    Is it a planar daylight readable screen?, i noticed they do some nice high brightness screens.

    Sounds like the pink smear is possibly an anti-glare coating, have you cleaned the screen down with anything that might have reacted with it ?


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      I had the same experience recently with a regular desktop display - it's a 15" 3M touchscreen (for a home automation project). It started happening very late at night so I thought my eyes were playing tricks because of lack of sleep. But it was back the next day. I'm still looking for the cause. FYI, I haven't pulled it apart so chances are you haven't caused the problem either. Will post back if I have any more info.