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BelCanto 8" screens?

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  • BelCanto 8" screens?

    Hi all, this is my first post but ive been lurking for a fair while now.

    Has anybody ever heard of BelCanto? I found an 8" touch screen on ebay which has vga input, its cheaper than a Lilliput but im not sure of its quality as I cannot find any information on or . Anyone know anything about it?

    here are some pics

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    I'd Be Interested Also


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      Well im not going to buy it this week. if there is another one on there next week i will buy it and give you guys a review.


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        I love the marketing with the very small hand to make it appear so large.
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          any news?

          hey just wondering if there was any news on this screen and its quality, i've been trying to find info on it but there isn't anything i can find either and there's one on ebay australia atm for $250 including postage which is $150 cheaper than a lilliput. while i would like the higher res of the lilliput i dont think its worth that much difference if thats the main difference. if no one knows anything about them i might end up getting one and i'll post up what i think about it but i'd have nothing to compare it to.

          i assume the native resolution is that actual number of pixals and if the recommened resolution is higher than the native res then its resizing it? if so then why would you get a better result doing it this way?

          how come none of the screens run that high a resolution? i'm planning on doing an incar computer as a stepup from my asus pda which only had a 3.6" screen but it ran VGA res so all these 8" screens seem kinda crap in comparison

          thanks -evan


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            Not bad, can someone tell me how much that is in $?


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              a few things i noticed about it.

              1. its only 640x480 native res
              2. the brightness is about half of your standard lilliput

              for the price though, doesnt look too bad...


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                Originally posted by Rafster

                Not bad, can someone tell me how much that is in $?
                come on, man...

                89.99 EUR = 110.907 USD

                sounds pretty sketchy though... it says it has a VGA input but everything else suggests it's a regular composite screen. If they're not lying about the VGA input, it's probably a VGA to composite adapter or something... There's no such thing as a free lunch, and by the same token, I have a strong feeling there's no such thing as a $110 8" VGA screen
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                  Originally posted by homchz
                  I love the marketing with the very small hand to make it appear so large.
                  I was looking through the pics and noticed that as well....

                  I was like WAIT a second! that's only an 8" screen! who has a hand that small!!!??
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