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new lilliput vs xenarc

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  • new lilliput vs xenarc

    okay ... first off, sorry if this is a repost- i searched but couldn't find much as of a direct answer.

    Saw the new Lilliput on ebay tonight, and the brightness rating is listed as 400cd/m2 looked at the lilliput website and it says the same thing. Then I went over to the xenarc website and looked at the brightness of those screens and it said 400 w/o touchscreen and 300 w/ touchscreen. seeing as I'm looking for a touchscreen the numbers seem to show that the lilliput is the brighter of the two. Also, I read where one guy posted and said that the new lilliputs are built better than the previous ones and could give xenarc a run for their money. So, has anyone had any experience with the new Lilli's? Are the truely brighter than the xenarc- or at least close in comparison so that the screen would be visible in day light?

    Thank you all for your time and again sorry if this is a repost.
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    It may have been my post that you are reffering too. I would love to hear actual owners of the new lilliputs chime in with their experiences. If you want to know if they better than the old ones just look for threads about people complaining. There is a few but not even near the monmental masses of threads about people complaining about broken touchscreen etc etc.

    I own 3 lilliputs and are happy with all three. However none of the old ones i had were sunlight readable. Suposedly the xenarcs were a little better, Even if the new lilliputs were 400nits they wouldn't be direct sunlight readable.

    jcdillan and scouse monkey are working on an upgrade. whats interesting is that they used a sepreate 3rd party higher power inverter with the stock CCFL tubes and it was sun readable. There was no speculation on how long the stock ccfl tubes could last at the the higher power rating but it was nice to see screenshots of the lilliput being sunlight readable.

    I cant wait until they are done and have a solution for us.
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