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Larger than 8" but smaller than 10.4", where are they?

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  • Larger than 8" but smaller than 10.4", where are they?

    I am making a custom install on my VW R32. I would like to have a 10" screen roughly that would entirely replace my Double Din head unit. The original unit is 8" wide and 5.5" tall. There is a full inch above that is dead space and a max of 0.5" on both sides as far as I can tell. My goal is to be able to support Win XP (sorry to all the Linux lovers). The factory diagonal size is 9 5/8" max. Like I said, I have a little room to work with and I can have some custom pieces fabricated to fit it all. I am not worried about voiding a warranty by dismantling a new unit. I just want a touch screen that is in the 10" range. A 4:3 would actually be better, but a 16:9 would be fine as I could put a slot load DVD above it. I have been searching far and near for a screen between 8" and 10.4". I have come across one that is 16x9 that is 10.2", but it is not released for another week and they can give me no specs on the real sizes of it all. Aside from the size requirements, it MUST be a touch screen. I will be making some custom controls in addition to that, but there is no way I want a regular screen with no ability to change what I want without a mouse/pointer or a keyboard. I would settle for a display with only S-video in, but would much prefer a computer 15 pin D-sub input. 800x600 would be great, 1024x768 would be a dream, 640x480 is tolerable. (and all sizes respective to that in wide screen). I am willing to pay the right money for the right product, so I am not so much on a budget, but $5K for a prototype LCD is out of the question.

    Any help?