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anyone with the dynamix 706?

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  • anyone with the dynamix 706?

    Hi all, my first post.. just a quick question.. is there an option on the monitor to flip the display so it can be used upside down?

    i may be able to install it without taking it apart if it does ( i do not have a lot of confidence I can do that without things springing apart and it never working again) but I should be able to cut open some of the interior of my car to allow me to mount it upside down and the screen will still be visible. I havenít received the monitor yet and didnít find much luck with an online manual or info

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Best Wishes


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    From what I remember you could easily remove the lcd inside the plastic case and flip it 180. That shouldn't be too hard.

    Another option is, some programs/drivers allow you to flip the vga output. I know my nvidia onboard drivers let me do that.

    Either way should be quick.

    The internals of the 706 are fairly robust, and you would have a hard time ruining the ribbon cables etc.


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      You can flip the screen with our without the PCB (depend), but the problem could be the buttons and such.
      If you have nVidia graphic card, you can flip 90/180/270 with the driver.
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