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sending lilliput back for repair

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  • sending lilliput back for repair

    If i were to send my lilliput back to Lilliput Electronics to get repaired, how long does it normally take for them to ship back to me a working one? My problem is that the lower right side of the tocuhscreen isnt working and there is a purple tint on it.

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    Is it still under warranty? I sent mine back to Lilli USA took about 2 weeks both ways, but I am in Canada.

    The good news is that instead of repair, they sent me a new unit.
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      thanks for the reply. yes its still udner warranty.


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        Does anyone know if I will be getting an updated unit that might be more reliable that the original?


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          I bought a used one and would like to know how to check the warranty since I can't find a serial number.


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            I just sent mine back two days ago to the US HQ. I had already sent it once to china for a defective TS and this time the LCD is toast. Half the time, it won't power up even. I *****ed and told them that they could pay the shipping, so they passed me on to the US office, who game me their UPS acct number to send it back. If this one goes weird, I'm askin for my money back..........