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    My question is, has anyone had a positive experience using the lilliput screen. Yes i've searched and have found many complaints about ghosting and touchscreen problems. I'm installing in an saab 9-2x (same dash as 05 wrx) and want to use the tmz bezel because of the nice clean install look. But i do not want to use a lilliput if its not going to work at all. So, unaltered, does the lilliput screen work well or should i just not bother at all and get the xenarc and do a custom dash.


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    yes I have had a good experience, but i have a newer 8" screen. If you search and read in depth everything you find you will hear some good stuff.
    What I recommend is to buy a brand new screen whatever you do. The newer generation screens don't have the Jurassic park problem or as many touch screen issues.
    I am happy with my screen
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      I have the 7 incher... the only problem i have had was with TS... but it was due to the inverter setup and not so regulated voltages... this is solved now for me...

      I am happy with my screen as well
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        I believe the Lilliput is the #1 selling 7 inch screen
        so this means it will do the job


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          brittney spears was a number one selling artist at one time and she was not the best...

          number 1 selling doesnot equal best or even do the job. part of the reason lilliput is number one is because of the price

          I think lillis are good, but your logic seems flawed to me
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          Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar


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            You'll see more complaints about the Lilliput's partly because they are extremely popular and a lot of people install them. Just that fact will ensure that you'll see more complaints. You'd have to know failure RATES (like failures per 1000 hours of operation or something like that) to figure out how good they are and whether they compare favorably to other options.

            The subjective feedback seems to be that the newer Lilliputs are better made and suffer less problems than the older ones. I dont' think you'll have a problem if you buy a new one, but my advice is to purchase it from a reputable supplier like who can assist you if there are problems.
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