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    I'm new to the forums so this topic may be somewhere else and I missed it. Anyways if anyone can post some of thier experiences with some LCD monitors (especially bad experiences!) It would help me make a good decision on which to buy. I was looking for one with the touchscreen with vga and composite inputs. If anyone has a couple of different lcd's and could post a comparison that would be awsome.

    I was also wondering if the touchscreen was actually worth it due to the small screen size. I would think when you pressed a button on the screen you'd hit a bunch at once making it hard to use.

    Well thanks in advance.
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    good thing you asked, the answer to this question is so hard to find. I don't think it is available anywhere. I don't use computers so I can't answer your question, but i am curious to find out what people have to say
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      Most people run front-end software which creates 'larger' touch-friendly buttons.. Often it works pretty well.

      Most of what i've read says that Xenarcs are the best you can get. A lot of people like the lilliputs, though they seem to have major issues with the touchscreen part.

      I have a TView and it seems to be fairly rock solid, though not quite as bright as the other units.


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        The 7" Xenarc monitor I've purchased about a year ago is a great monitor (nock on wood) I've had this thing taken apart, carried around disasembled put back togeather and taken apart again only to be put back togeather. My point here is I've beat on this thing and its taken all the abuse and hasn't given me any grief.

        Only problem I've had is with Xenarc the company which is based in calif (the usa divsion) When molding the screen into the dash I broke the buttons. I first called Xenarc, I've done other business with them and I know that they have many spare parts, I asked for them to send the buttons. I was willing to pay up to 10.00 + shipping. They asked me all these questions that were completely irrelevant. I thought that it was odd for them to put up such a hassle for tiny buttons, so I gave up. I actually got the buttons from a member here (god_of_cpu) who does a ton of work with these monitors.

        I ran into another instance where some small screws were misplaced and I tried asking a tech at Xenarc what size screws they used and it was like asking for top secret government documents. Again I got a better anwser from a member here.

        I guess the moral here is that the hardware is great but that the technical support directly from xenarc is missing.

        Good luck !
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