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Chopping up a heat sink

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  • Chopping up a heat sink

    Is this as simple as I think it is? Chop up a heat sink into the sizes of the chips on the back of the monitor, stick them on, and have a fan blow air away or on them?

    This should keep the chips a bit cooler?

    OR am I out in the woods on this
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    should do - that is assuming you really need the cooling. I use individual ram heatsinks for any pcb chips i need to cool (come in a pack of 8, each one is the size of one individual ram chip)- i cut them in half for smaller chips like for videocard memory, or motherboard chips (had a dodgy network controller once, used to be the first thing to crash in the heat till i glued on of those on).

    They come with sticky pads though, no good at all- scrape them off, clean off all traces of glue and use arctic silver epoxy

    fantastic stuff.


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      Reason being because I used to have the Lilliput plugged into the cig lighter. But day time I found the screen dimmed plus sometimes the picture went all scrambled when signal light was turned on or whatever. So I read and I figured 2 reason

      1: Not a constant 12V going to the screen
      2: Over heating.

      So last night I wired the Lilliput to the OPUS and it was definitly brighter! Me like But I am afraid now that heat "could" be a factor and with this constant higher power, I wouldn't want anything to over heat. So heat sinks on the chips and a fan to blow some air on them from the air vent to keep them cooler. That should be safe.

      Now, weather to buy or cut the processor one up :P

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