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Some Xenarc/Gain 700TSV pinout data

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  • Some Xenarc/Gain 700TSV pinout data

    I'm currently doing a mod on my Xenarc that involves removing the input interface daughter board from the motherboard. For this I needed to know the pinouts of the cable, the 20-way connector and the PCB header that attaches the daughter board to the motherboard.

    I've posted the info here in case anyone else finds it useful. I'm sure someone's going to reply with a link to another thread and make my day by revealing that this info has already been covered, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

    I'm not making any guarantees that it's accurate either. If you spot errors then please feed them back to me and I'll fix the documents.

    Xenarc VGA/USB/Composite Video cable pinout

    Xenarc interface daughter board pinout


    - corrected mistake that video 3 input is in fact audio

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    Nice timing! This is exactly what I was looking for. I just bought a broken 700TSV on the for-sale forums, and the 20-pin board connector is torn off the circuit board! It's a bit of a loss, since some of the traces are lifted and someone already tried to repair it once. But your diagram got me about halfway to fixing it. I figured out my actual pinouts with an ohm-meter.

    My board is different than yours, and my wire colors are too. Here are my notes about what I found on mine:


    The "Video connector 3" is really the audio connector. On mine its wires are a coaxial pair (inside a black "wire" that's bigger than all the others). This has to be stripped to get inside if you want audio.

    I don't know the pin numbers on my missing 20-pin connector, but here are the colors I found (numbered the same as your diagram):

    1 - brown - USB Data - **
    2 - LightGreen - VGA Green Return
    3 - bare (screen?) - USB & VGA Ground **
    4 - grey - VGA Blue
    5 - pink - VGA Red
    6 - purple - VGA Horz sync
    7 - orange - Video1 ground **
    8 - red - Video2 ground
    9 - yellow - Video1 signal
    10 - LightBlue - Video2 signal
    11 - Green - USB Data +
    12 - NC
    13 - Blue - VGA Red return
    14 - NC
    15 - white - VGA Green
    16 - NC
    17 - black - VGA Vert Sync (pin14)
    18 - coax shield - Audio ground
    19 - NC
    20 - coax signal (white) - Audio signal

    ** - same color as your cable

    I checked the pins on the header of the daughtercard and all the ones I could check matched yours. So I wired it up the way it "seemed" it should be, and it worked!

    I didn't know what to do with the VGA Red/Green (no Blue?) "return" wires, so I tied them to ground. There seem to be two pins for that in the "VGA section", so it made sense. And it worked. yay!

    The touchscreen seems wonky (x and y are reversed, touchkit won't calibrate right), but I'm not planning to use the TS anyway. In fact, I'm planning to use this as a TV on my treadmill.
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      Nice one James. Been wondering where i can get that conenctor for my new controller but 6 - they are having a laugh! The metal cover is 12 too!

      Any luck finding the olderstyle connector? I have a very old xenarc that is not like Phords or your new one and has a comletely different board so i can't bypass the connector.


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        > Scouse Monkey
        yeah I agree that connector's way too expensive by the time you add the shroud as well. Wonder if any US suppliers do it cheaper. I'm aware of the old-style connector but I haven't found it for sale. I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

        > Phord
        I guess they changed the wiring colours when they changed connector styles. Maybe they don't even use consistent wire colouring on my version. Thanks for the feedback though. I've now noticed that my input 3 has a white phono connector whereas 1 & 2 are yellow, so that ties-in nicely with your comment that 3 is audio.
        It's my feeling that the red, green, blue return VGA grounds are just treated as 'ground' by the Xenarc. I think they come into their own when you use high resolutions and the RGB feeds are sent over coax.
        Good news it worked for you anyway.


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          I think it is actually cheaper to buy a genuine xenarc cable for the new style as they have a metal shroud which RS want 12 for!

          I might give motorola a ring about the connector - unfortunately they don't have all the pins inside ones you find on their chargers and hands free kits. I might check out a cheap one next time I am in Chorley market to see if they have all the pins in.


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            dammit. i think the auto links have removed the file links.

            does anyone remember the thread with the RS links for connectors?


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              ahh i found them on my work PC.
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                What did you use for soldering, an arc welder
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                  Hey guys,

                  I have a Xenarc 700 TR and I am trying to track down the VGA pinout on the motherboard.

         Lists a different xenarc model and on mine, the VGA header on the board connects directly to a cable with a VGA plug on it. That's the connector I need to know what is what on.

                  Also, I see in that it lists a few grounds, but it doesn't say which is the ground for the red, green and blue VGA lines... any ideas?


                  EDIT: My Xenarc uses a 9 pin connector on the motherboard to a female 15pin VGA connector.

                  The colors are white, red, yellow, black, orange, brown and green.