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HELP: White Lines/Flickering/New Lilli?

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  • HELP: White Lines/Flickering/New Lilli?

    H'okay... let me start off here by saying I just recently got my system up and running... 766 celeron, 256ram, 120gig, 7" Lilli 619GL touch screen, 150w Opus, Panasonic HU with Aux In adapter - and I am loving it... except for this damn monitor issue

    I will attach a pic that shows this but when I first boot up my computer I get all these horizontal white flashing bars across my screen, ranging in size. It eventually goes away, everytime it varies. Sometimes 10 seconds, other times 3 minutes. Whenever I click the menu button the stuff comes back up, but only where the menu shows up at the top, like only the upper half of the screen. Upon start up I have iTunes load automatically and look at this pic of iTunes up and running with these white bars. My Lilliput is plugged in on a molex connect using an extra power cord purchased for 5 bucks off mp3car.

    [IMG]white lines[/IMG]

    The other problem with this is that I can see the screen actually flicker when it does come on and is working. It just seems to get dimmer and come back to brighter, not really noticable unless you really pay attention. This is the older model, now and again I get that stupid Jurassic thing, too.

    My questions are simple. I want to get a new Lilliput, I'll eat the cost of trying to sell the old one on eBay if I have to. Is this white line thing because of how I have my power connected? When inside using the AC adapter plugged into the wall I have no problem. Also, my touchscreen is way jacked up, I calibrate it but it doesn't correspond correctly to my push after I do all that(a whole new story there). What I want to know is if I buy a new 629 Lilliput 7" with the new button configuration can I just swap out the cases and the buttons and get it back working properly? Because my dash is molded perfectly for the old style buttons. I need to repaint the black, it has a few bad looking spots but overall I like the look, and I need to figure out how to get my HU in there a little more snug. BTW this is a '99 Grand Am, the dash has been COMPLETELY changed. If you are familiar you will be like, wow, that's a pretty good job.


    If you have ANY advice on this please help me out. I have read that it is some sort of power thing going on with the Lilliput as to why I am getting those flashing white lines. If I can just eat a bullet for a new Lilliput I will, I will sell the old one ghetto rigged on ebay for like 200ish, I want to make sure I get 200 back on it. The other thing is, my friend has an 8" Lilliput and his you can actually see during the day, this piece of crap is so dim you can't see a thing during the day. Are the 7" Lilliputs notorious for not being able to see diddly squat during the day and will tinting my windows really even help? If you answer all these questions I will buy someone a beer at a local bar if you EVER make it out to the Cincinnati area.

    Thanks guys, A TON IN ADVANCE
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    1. Make sure your computer case is grounded. Run a 4-8 gauge wire from your computer to a ground point.

    2. Try to increase your refresh rate to 72hz

    3. Ground the power from the lilli close to the screen if you can. There should be a ground screw for your HU in behind your dash.

    Hope this helps.
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