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New way to use Pocket PC as remote display

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  • New way to use Pocket PC as remote display

    Check this link on a new app for your desktop/pocket-pc called "SideWindow"

    Basically, it lets a Pocket-PC connected to your PC look like another monitor to your PC and windows/apps can be dragged to the PocketPC screen, etc. The cool thing so far I've noticed with it is:

    1 - It's FAST - fast enough for general display, etc. anyway - I've got to play a bit and see about video, although I doubt that will be useable.

    2 - The coolest thing to me is that the touchscreen-nature of the Pocket-PC screen is supported and looks like actual mouse-clicks to your PC. (meaning if you have say WinAmp on the PocketPC screen, you can just touch the controls and such on the Pocket-PC screen and WinAmp acts accordingly.

    Anyone else think this is pretty cool? I'm going to do some more playing with it but it might be a really slick solution for some of us.


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    I just took a look at this and think 2 things need to be corrected before it can be used in a car easily
    1) There need to be a way to keep a window on the virtual screen when the pda is not connected. this way you dont have to dray the window to the display each time.
    (perhaps this feature is in the paid version?)
    2) It kept giving me warnings when i had the auto-launch feature selected and activesync. Some thing to the effect that i couldnt find the device after i would disconnect it.

    It looks like some promising software. Def. something to keep my eye on
    amd 1700, biostar m7ncg 400, hitachi deskstar 120 8mb , 512 pc2700, liliput 7"
    now to put it all together


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      Keeping window on monitor

      There are some utilities out there (might be something that could be done in script too for that matter) that will do #1 - meaning they'll move a window to a particular monitor when its available and back to the primary monitor when its not.

      I didn't see issue #2 but didn't try the "auto-launch" feature - gonna try that myself.