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How to mount LCD in 2001 Jetta

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  • How to mount LCD in 2001 Jetta

    Hello all,
    My first carputer project ended before completion because the engine blew in the car I was installing it. The last car was a 91 Tercel and I had the LCD installed right in the centre console. However, that was an old car and felt free to mess with the crappy car. Now that I just bought a new (to me) 2001 Jetta GLS (which is the most expensive thing I have ever bought in my life) I want to leave as much of it stock as possible (because my customizing usually ends up looking pretty bad). Anyway, can anyone suggest a good way to mount the LCD in a 2001 Jetta GLS without moving the stock headunit, cupholder, or A/C controls? I would like it as visible to the driver and all passengers as possible while staying out of view of people outside the car. The reason I want it not visible from outside the car is because I would like it to play videos for my passengers (I don't plan on watching video while driving) but since it would be within the driver's view I would get a ticket if it were playing video and a cop happened to notice.

    I was thinking of having it on some kind of hinge so that it sits in front of the stock equipment but I can "open" it and use the stuff behind if I want (like if the PC is down for some reason). Or some kind of arm that would allow me to move it out of the way.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks to however takes the time to read all that lol.

    BTW, here's a pic of how far I got with the old car PC project in the Tercel:
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