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bought tsv at wrong time!

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  • bought tsv at wrong time!

    jesus, i only bought the display a few months ago thinking i was going to get the thing installed but still haven't really done much besides modify my car's trim peice. the xenarc is sitting on my shelf in the box, decided to check what they were selling for on e-bay and see one from dynamix which i bought mine from is selling for $100 less now with upgraded touch screen and upgraded touch speed. sucks, i guess i discovered xenarc at the wrong time. i paid $375 for mine in an auction because some automatic sniper, or so it seemed, bumped me up to just under my high bid, which was $375. i think it was $373.88 or some **** like that. i shouldn't have even bid that much. $375 is a lot of money for a 7" lcd. it is a nice piece but still, since i haven't installed it, it feels like a waste and that doesn't feel good. but oh well, it's $100. i should probably just install that bastard and start getting some use out of it. seems i missed out on 30,000,000 or so touches though, and it would be damn nice to have an increased reaction time, that's the worst part of it. lame company, just get it as good as you can the first time. that latency does get on my nerves when dragging something for instance. sorry for the rant but who else feels what i'm sayin?

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    a TSV for $275 on eBay? brand new? I have never seen this price-point.
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      The only TSV is see from Dynamix on ebay is the b grades (1-2 dead pixels). I've seen them going for about $300.


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        oh, i thought the b grade was an upgraded screen. nevermind. of course 1-2 dead pixels isn't so bad. well that feels better, now to install the screen and get some use out of it...


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          Originally posted by miltonhead
          The only TSV is see from Dynamix on ebay is the b grades (1-2 dead pixels). I've seen them going for about $300.
          I was told this was a A grade screen. I just ordered one for $360 and supposeldy no dead pixels with a gurantee. So now I am awaiting the delivery. Where will the hologram be at if its is a A grade because the add says 5 wire touch sensitive. and a bunch of other enhancements. Got me worried i got ripped off.
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