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Which MOBO to run a high spec graphics card

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  • Which MOBO to run a high spec graphics card

    I would like to know if anyone knows of a mobo that has a agp slot or comes with a high spec graphics chip capapble of running the games like doom3 or hl2? i also plan to run a 17 inch tft screen, i did wanna try and install a full size pc but dont like the idea of running a power inverter as i got so much stereo equipment as it

    any help is muchly appreciated tnx in advance


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    Do you know what sometimes i astound my self at how stupid i can be lol!! so i can use a pci g.card instead lol, ok so changed question now if i use a pci graphics card will i be able to disable on board graphics chip via bios?


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      Yupp, you should be able to disable the intregated video and enable the other on the PCI

      Chech your bios configuration.
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        even if you can't disable via bios (and some cant') you CAN disable /un.install in XP's DeviceMgr


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          Currently there is NO DC-DC PSU could handle the spec you want.
          Good luck
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