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good lcd cleaner?

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  • good lcd cleaner?

    any touchscreen lcd is doomed to get fingerprints all over it - what lcd cleaner do yall use?
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    I use one of those lint free clothes that is made to clean your sunglasses. It came with my Oakley sunglasses when I bought them, but I'm sure you can pick them up everywhere for a decent like a charm
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      you could try that stuff.
      But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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      I am learning buttloads just by searching on this forum. I've learned 2 big things so far: 1-it's been done before, and 2-if it hasn't, there is a way to do it.


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        This is most important.Make sure you use a Micro Fiber towel, 100%cotton you can get them at any auto place that sells detailing supplies.

        I use that kind of towel and windex, not no-name stuff actual Windex. Crapped my pants the first time I did it and used a paper towel and no-name glass cleaner. The screen was foggy and looked like I scratched it from the paper towel. Ran out got a Micro Fiber towel and REAL Windex as suggested on these boards and re-did it, it was not scratches, only streaks (thank god).

        Takes 2 seconds to clean and looks good, the screen looks like new everytime I do it.
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          two years has the screen held up using Windex everytime? A friend's laptop starting looking funky so I've been afraid to use anything beyond my Oakley case.
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            Don't use windex, it'll eventually damage any coating on the screen, and possibly the screen itself. Just use a microfiber and if it's really dirty, a mix of high purity alcohol and distilled water.


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              I've had really good luck with those pledge wipes for electronics....they won't harm the coatings, and so long as you're using a new wipe, they won't leave particulates behind. They come in a blue plastic pouch. The last time I was at a meet, I cleaned the screen with them, and even in the direct sunlight of the park we were at, a guy asked me if it was one of those transreflective screens. It isn't (Xenarc), but having a clean screen makes a lot of difference (although doesn't improve inherent characteristics of the screen, just allows it to be at its best.)
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