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  • AV-4U tm 868

    Does anyone know anything about these displays?


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    Yeah I'm interested in what people have to say about these as well.
    Link that works --> 8" AV-4U Touchscreen
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      While on the topic of these AV-4U's, has anyone used the in-dash motorized version?


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        I found this posted on

        Anyone using this monitor? And if so how do you like it?

        They sell it for 250!


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          I bought that Innovatek TM-868 last week on eBay. I ended up winning the auction for only $130 + s/h . My tracking # says it's in Louisville, KY and should be at my door on Monday. I'll reply with the results whenever I get off of work and hook it up.

          Oh yeah, the guy I got it from is "yuki668". He ships his stuff from Hong Kong but uses UPS Express so it only takes 2-3 days to receive it.


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            I got the AV-4U 7" screen, my only complaint about it is the crappy connector however, now I've got fitted in my car, it seems to work okay.

            One question I do have if anyone can help is this.

            I'm running my carputer on both the stock BMW satnav/TV screen in the front using the composite from my M10000 and have the AV-4U in the rear running off the VGA port. I get a good stable picture on the front BMW screen but the rear screen is all screwed up. The Start button is half way across the screen and the dialog boxes are a bit scrambled. I'm pretty sure it's a setting but I'm buggered if I can work out what I need to do to get a good stable picture.




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              I received my TM-868 today. It's my first touchscreen and it's working great. Only downside is the 640x480 resolution but at $130 for an 8" VGA touchscreen it's more than worth it. Text is just as readable as it is on a regular 17"+ desktop LCD. You can run in higher resolutions, but the image quality degrades. Touchscreen was an easy setup using a 25 point calibration, and it has a utility that allows you to switch between left/right click that didn't take long getting used to. All-in-all it's a great interim monitor until you can afford a Xenarc.
              If you do buy this monitor, I'd recommend getting it from Yuki668 on ebay. 2 days to get it from Hong Kong to N. Mississippi is impressive. I even e-mailed him one time to see if it had shipped and got a reply within 10 minutes.


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                i was looking in to getting that same one. the tm-868. i had a few questions if you could answer them.

                1. have you opened it up to see what's all inside?
                2. do you have any pictures to post?
                3. how is the brightness in comparison to a regular screen?

                i was looking to mount this outside the casing, and was wondering if i could shrink it down any more or not.

                does this one come with the ac and the dc adaptor? i thought i heard the 7 widescreen says it does in the auction but it really doesn't include one.

                thanks for the help.


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                  I installed the same unit in my car and it works great! I have had no problems with it and it looks great. Check my sig for pics in action.
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                    Well, I probably won't be fabricating this into my dash b/c it's a 1.5 din, and I'm getting my new car in a few months. I don't really want to open it up...kinda afraid I'll break it. The brightness is pretty good but I don't really have anything to compare it to since this is my first TS monitor. It seems to be about the same brightness as my Samsung 710N desktop LCD, but I haven't put it in my truck yet to check for any glare problems. Unfortunately, I don't own a digital camera or I'd post some pics for you. The dimensions of the casing are 8" x 5 7/8" and the dimensions of the viewable screen are 6 7/8" x 4 7/8". I was expecting to see a car DC adapter in the box, but it wasn't there. There was a European style AC home adapter. Not a big deal though. I just cut off the wall socket part and soldered on a molex connector.


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                      thanks for the quick replies. i just picked one up, may use it in my car or perhaps make an htpc case. i am glad there are a few peope that didn't want the 7in widescreen like almost everyone else does.


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                        as far as i know, mine hasn't even shipped yet. I was just writing to see if anyone has ripped one open yet and taken pictures of it..

                        i'm looking at xlobby and figuring out if i want to go to all the hassle to make my own skin or not.



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                          i bought mine from (won it on ebay). much cheaper than the $250 they show on their website. I'd be careful ordering from these guys though, there are a lot of nasty things people have said about this store. The store always seems to have a reply to justify everything and it might just be that customers are being unreasonable, who knows.

                          I do know resellerratings has a very poor rating for them. its been a week since i paid for it and i still havent' received my screen. Its a shame they charge so much for shipping and it takes longer from canada than from hong kong.

                          just my thoughts. i'm sure i'll be happier when it arrives.


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                            Went and picked it up today. Haven't been able to turn it on since i'm at work, but it is relatively thin.

                            The model number is TM-868. The big warning I was going to mention was that there is no DC adaptor included in my packaging. Also, the AC adaptor has the european (british?) round holes for the plug in.

                            Just sent an email to mp3playerstore to see what is up and what they will do about it.

                            Reserving judgement until I see how they handle this.


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                              Power problems resolved?

                              Hey Orange, was just wondering if you'd gotten the issue resolved as I'm thinking of getting a TM 868 for my install. Also, are you pleased with the unit?

                              Also, has anyone taken one of these apart? Curious if the dimensions of the lcd panel without the case would be the same as the Lilli 8" model. Need to know if it will fit into my dash.....

                              Thanks in advance,