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pc tv out w/different displays

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  • pc tv out w/different displays

    Hi all! This is probably something simple, but I have no clue. I am trying to connect a BookPC (small footprint pc w/TV out on motherboard) to an Alpine cva-1005. When I connect the output and power it up I get screen flutter and then nothing as if it tries to understand the signal and can’t. I also have a Farenheit 7003 display which works fine. Alpine told me to try grounding the rca, but that didn’t fix it. Any ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

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    You're probably gonna get a pile of people jumping down your throat for that

    Have you tried to use the search function here to look for other posts?

    And have you tried the TV output with any other TV? (i.e. do you know if it works at all?) And have you tried the Alpine unit with a TV source that you know works?

    Just trying to cover all bases.
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      I have checked a lot of the lcd/display forum, but haven't found anything yet (maybe haven't searched enough).

      I have tried the alpine unit with a home dvd player, works fine. Also tried the pc with a regular tv (as well as the farenheit display) and it all works fine. Just when I connect the pc to the alpine, no go...

      Hopefully I don't get too hurt by the other ppl here for stupid q's


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        Ok, I know I personally answered this in the past but if you asking, I'm telling. I ran almost the exact same setup (BookPC from Directron and Alpine IVA-C800) for a while in my 'Xploder Sport. What your probably getting is 60 cycle feedback. Are you using an inverter?


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          Sorry for the dup info; thanks for replying!

          I will be using an inverter when it gets put in the car, but right now I am just simulating this whole thing in my apt. The Alpine unit is connected to a 12V power supply and the BookPC is in the wall.


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            AHHH HAAA!!!

            Just as I suspected. The flicker your probably observing is 60hz induction throught the power supply. House current is AC. AC travels at 60hz. By adding a ground loop isolator to your system you'll probably fix the problem.

            Do a search for ground loop isolators. I don't want to try to explain somthing I'm not an expert in. But if you have an car audio questions, give me a shout.


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              I have two more questions then:

              1. Will this problem cease to exist if I install this in my car? Hence, not need the ground loop isolator?

              2. Why would one display work and the other not?

              Just to clear up possible confusion, the screen only flickers for a second or two, but then no video at all. Thanks again!

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                Ok, no this will not clear up in your car. You will still need the isolator.

                And the reason it didn't show up in the house is because you were using 2 AC devices. They are both designed to compensate for the 60hz induction. The head unit, on the other hand, is designed for a fixed DC current and has trouble with the 60hz.


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                  If the problem is being caused by a ground-loop then making a better chassis connection between the PC and the display should help. A ground-loop can be caused by leakage in the AC power supply that the shield connection on the video cable just can't neutralize. Try making a GOOD ground connection between the chassis with a short piece of heavy-duty wire and see if it makes a difference.
                  There are other things that could be causing the problem but try the ground thing first.
                  Still workin' on it.
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                    Found the problem! After searching and searching the BB, I found a posting about soldering a resistor on the rca line between the power and ground....voila! Thanks for everyone's help!