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    I just recently got my lcd working and tried to watch a divx movie. But I can't choose the 256 color option and I don't know if it is because my screen isn't capable of displaying or because I need some new software, I am hoping its the latter, but I fear it will be the previous. Anyway, let me know what my options are. Thanks

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    Sounds like you need to update your video card drivers. What video card are you using? M.A.V.I.C. System
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      I am using a tnt 2 card, guess I'll start looking for drivers. Thanks for the suggestion


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        I doubt if it's the drivers, what type of LCD screen do you have, and how is it connected? and what do you mean by you can't select the "256 colour option"? Do you mean in display settings for windows, or what?
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          for most LCDs with controllers, it is a combination of controller and screen capabilities that let you set the display if you can't change the display look for some drivers for the card, if you can't find any then it won't display past a certain setting


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            I found the necessary drivers and everything works now! The quality isn't quite "trinitron" like, but I knew it wouldn't be when I bought the screen. So what can I say, I am a happy with what I have got.....for now at least.