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8.4" touch lcd screen on ebay

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  • 8.4" touch lcd screen on ebay

    any idea if this is worth getting, its a 8.4" touchscreen and seems nice. for only $30, you cant go wrong if it works.
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    I contacted the guy selling them, and sure they work once you go and buy the controller and wiring kit from an outside source i.e. earthlink or anywhere else that sells the kit ( $150-200)


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      so what, its still a good price for it especially with touch screen.


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        i believe these are only 4096 colors. not sure how dvd or movies would look on that. probably fine for general computer stuff.


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          Originally posted by
          <STRONG>so what, its still a good price for it especially with touch screen.</STRONG>
          well, it is a good price for a new touch screen, total price to get it running will be about $180 - $230 (and a fair amount of time) there are people however who have purchased used touchscreens that were prewired for $200 - $300 (and a few even cheaper than that), so if you are up for wiring the screen it is a great price, if you know nothing or very little about electronics then this is probably not the screen for you