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lilliput keeps shutting off

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  • lilliput keeps shutting off

    i have the 8 inch lilliput and put a new touchpanel and new ribbons from armen. i am not sure why but when i turn the screen on it stays on for 30 seconds and than turns off. each time it stays on for different amount of time. sometimes a minute sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 15 seconds. eventually it turns off. when i switch the power off and than back on it will turn back on. anyone have any idea why this is happening? im starting to think my opus cant handle it anymore. but it always worked flawlessly on the opus. can it be the ribbon cable? im not even sure anymore what i can do. someone help.
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    I know this post is 3 years old, but mine is having this exact same problem.

    Screen turns off, but monitor is still on, touch interface still works.

    any ideas?


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      Yeah I have the same problem, also happens when I close either the driver side or rear passenger side door. It runs fine when driving then the screen goes blank for no apparent reason. Also noticed that it comes back on just before I shut off the power to the PC using my powermate as I do not need a screen to shut down the computer. For one second, I can see the "windows is shutting down screen.

      A possible culprit could be the Lilliput VGA connector, but cant be bothered to replace it as its getting old and time for a new screen.
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