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Contrast problem with TFT

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  • Contrast problem with TFT

    I have this 5.6" screen: 98036&action=GetProduct&action=GetPoint&point_id=3 000000152933

    and the following problem...
    It's contrast is not too high and I have a really hard time reading the screen in daylight - it's even harder when sun comes through the car's window (it's perfect at night though). I don't think it's a brightness issue, cause when it turn up the external brightness adjustment pot the picture becomes much brighter but even harder to read (it becames almost white all the way up) - that's why I have this pot turned all the way down.
    The screen does not have any external contrast adjustments (only color and brightness), so is there any chance that I 'll find a pot for contrast inside of it? Change the value of some resistor? Solder a pot in it's place? Stick some kind of polarizing film on the screen to minimize reflexions?
    Please, don't tell me to tint my car's windows!

    Thank you for your help,

    [ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: Dimitris1976 ]

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    So nobody can suggest something...


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      i Belive that other people on the board has tintet the tft, might be worth a try.

      I imagine that the tint will take away some of the brightness and "improve" the contrast.

      As for an electric modification i haven't got a clue ..