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LCD Problems- Densitron

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  • LCD Problems- Densitron

    First off when i usee lorty's or winlcd plugins i get inversed P instead of solid blocks on the spectrum.
    for example:
    But when i run Cobra it works fine
    for example:

    Cobras good and all but the spectrum seems laggy on it and not as smooth as the other too. Anyone got any ideas? THinking has to be software since cobra works.

    Also im having a problem with heating. If i use the backlight the lcd get warm after a short while and starts to discolor. Im using a 100k for it. Any thoughts on what i could do?

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    Hey Jawbreak...

    I've had similar problems with the inverted "P" in MPXF... and with any plugin running in Windows 95.
    All my problems seemed to go away when I tried the LCD in Windows 98.

    I'm using LCDisplayer 1.01 by Mike Lynch... You might want to try that.

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      If it's overheating, you're giving it too much voltage. Dim it a little bit.