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svideo LCD, video card svideo out?

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  • svideo LCD, video card svideo out?

    im plannin to put a computer in my car soon. i want to play mp3s and watch DVDs too... but i need a screen. ive seen the screens that have svideo, but will it work with the setup i want? does anyone know if theres a DOS program for watchin DVDs? or will i need to install windows, and if i install windows will the screen work?

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    I am 98% sure that you will have to install Windows (or something other than DOS) to play DVD's. Someone might know of some DOS software for DVD playback that I don't know about. At least half of the members are running Windows, and there are some down points (boot speed, dependablity), and some good points (updated drivers, GUI). Most TFT LCD screens are designed for Windows, so long as you have a video card with TV out, you are set for most TFT screens. Take a look at the setup examples on this site to see what other people have done. No need to re-invent the wheel, unless you are having a bumpy ride. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      where have you seen svideo dc screens? id like to get my hands on one
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        i went to an audio shop in westminister... they had a couple screens, i asked to see one and it was svideo...


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          This topic has inof about doing DVD, MPEG and DivX in DOS.


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            If you want to save yourself the windows hassle you could look into doing a Linux installation. Beware, while linux is reliable, fast and quick to boot when configured well, it may not work with your hardware. NVidia cards seem to be the most compatable. Check out and for more info.
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