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    hey i am so confused about these TFT LCD displays i see ones that sell for like 150 bucks for a 5.8inch screen then i see ones that sell for 500$ can someone break all this down for me and tell me which ones are quality and which ones are crap thanks...

    anyone know if these are any good?

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    If you can fit that second on in your car ill be amazed
    Nothing yet.....


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      6.8 isn't that hard to fit in a car I got a 6.5 with room to spare.

      lam0chop: List the model(s) for $150 and the one(s) for $500 and one of us will try to tell you the difference. My guess would be resolution, format (Composite or VGA), or if it comes with all nessasary hardware.

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        Oops, i shoudl read more - i thought it was 23 inch diag., not 23 inch squared

        ::smacks self::
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          A 23" diagonal flat panel for $ that would be a deal