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xenarc setting issue

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  • xenarc setting issue

    I can display the menu although the lcd likes to power down real fast so you have to work the menu quick or it shuts off.
    When the lcd powers up it displays pc in the corner. Then nothing except you can start the menu.
    I was curious if the carputer had a problem so i plugged a regular monitor into the carputer and recieved a good output. Plugging the xenarc into my pc produced no output.
    In the first menu contrast, brightness, etc are all zero and i can't change them. I believe the up, down controls work because in the second menu you can change the backlight with them. The logical conclusion would be that i just need to turn brightness and contrast up but i can't. Am i missing something really simple or should you just be able to press menu select to option ( brightness, contrast, etc) and then use the up and down controls to change the setting.
    I really need to get this working this weekend so any thoughts would be greatly apreciated.

    xenarc 700ts
    m10000 epia motherboard
    40 gig 2.5 seagate
    liteon 3.5 dvd rom drive
    256mb 2100 ddr
    linux os

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    Notation with this problem. I know that the lcd was working earlier because it was operating while running pycar. But only once.


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      Solution found

      I figured out what was going on and i'm posting to found out if my situation is unique and if not then this might be useful to someone else who falls into this trap.

      I took a smoke break and when i came back seemingly miracously the lcd worked. If the lcd is left unplugged for 120 seconds it clears out a setting that it auto configs i'm guessing.

      If i shut my carputer down and the monitor still has power i won't get a video feed when i turn the carputer back on. The lcd will go completly off and not even the on light will blink nor can you turn it back on until you unplug power and wait the 120 seconds.

      If you press the power button on the lcd the power light stays on and picture goes away but pressing the power button again won't bring the picture back. again you have to wait the 120 seconds (unplugged) before restarting the system.

      The monitor seems really finicky about how it is used. Is this normal?