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  • 12" LCD for sale

    Ok.. I have this 12" LCD for sale.. it take a standard VGA connection and can go to 800x600 at 16 bit colour.. was previously used in a MP3Car setup and works just fine.. I even made a mount that allowed it to be detachable.. some pictures (Click on them for a larger image):

    Ok.. thats a picture of the screen.. the stand is currently detached.. because I didn't need the stand for the car - I made my own mount.

    These are the two plugs.. takes 12V DC power at 1 amp I believe.. and just your standard VGA connector

    And thats the stand.. I can put it back on if you want

    The only problem is that I live in Australia.. so the postage could cost a little.. but thats something to figure out if and when you want it..

    If anyone wants dimensions or more pics at certain angles or whatever just email me at [email protected]

    I'm open for offers so just email me or reply here and set a price..


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    Hey look who is here
    How are you inmytree? Where have you been for those past two years?
    This place changed quiet a bit... now days people will get shot here for posting "for sale" stuff anywhere else but in Mp3 Sales Discussion section

    Anyways good to have you back...

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      Whoops.. sorry.. I'll repost it over there..

      Yeah.. I stopped visiting once I'd finished my system, but recently the box stopped working and I couldn't be bothered fixing it.. so I'm selling all the parts I can


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        so MyTree how much are selling it for?......US?
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