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new xenarc 700TSV with 5-wire resistive screen

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  • new xenarc 700TSV with 5-wire resistive screen

    Looking at xenarcdirect's website and mp3car's store and it looks like there are some new features in the 700TSV that aren't listed on mp3car's site. I've sent a note to mp3car's store owners but not sure if they respond over the weekend. If anyone has bought a 700TSV recently from mp3car, can you verify if it included these features:

    5-wire resistive T.S.
    16:9 / 4:3 Scaler settings
    Last Input memory
    Last Power setting memory
    IR Remote Control
    Upgraded Display Brightness (w/ Touchscreen): 330 cd/mē

    Or maybe the forum moderators know?

    The memory settings seem very handy, the 5-wire TS apparently lasts much longer, and of course brightness is better.
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    5-wire resistive T.S. - couldn't tell you
    16:9 / 4:3 Scaler settings - yes
    Last Input memory - yes
    Last Power setting memory - not sure
    IR Remote Control - yes
    Upgraded Display Brightness (w/ Touchscreen): 330 cd/mē - couldn't tell you
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