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  • additional installation.

    Does anyone think it is possible to have a cpu in the trunk and have a laptop hooked up to it using lan connections and be able to run my programs from the laptop? I am building a sytem to run as a stand alone carputer but I also want to be able to hook it up to my laptop sometime as well as run it using the laptop as an input device.

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    Anything is possible. After all, it's just ones and zeroes.

    You can perform remote application sharing in a variety of ways. You can use something along the lines of VNC to execute programs that reside on a remote machine.

    You can run the applications remotely by simply connecting over a share (not all apps support this due to DLL and other dependancies like the registry).

    You can map a drive letter to a share on the remote machine and install the software to that drive...thereby eliminating some of the dependancies above.

    You can use the RDP protocol that is inherant to W2K and XP.

    The best method will depend on what exactly it is you wish to accomplish. If you want sound and nifty graphics, you will not want to use products such as VNC or RDP. If you can provide more details as to exactly what you want to do people on the forums can better help you.