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Just about to give up on my 4x40

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  • Just about to give up on my 4x40

    Hello everyone.
    Well I am just about to give up on my 4x40 Seiko l4024 but thought I would post it here before I do.
    Here's what happens;
    LCDPrint says that there is an lcd there however when using the lcdprint 378 40 4 1.txt command it just clears the screen and nothing is shown. mlt and mpxplay show nothing either. I cannot get anything to show with any winamp plugins except for winlcd. It displays alot of garbage, some characters are correct however mostly there are these "(((((" and some other characters that are unavailable on my keyboard. The spectrum anyliser kind of comes up but it's almost like line 3 start at colum 20 a runs right through to line 4 colum 4 kinda like this
    using lcdout it is pretty much the same thing just crap. In the ini for WINLCD I have set the delay anywhere from 50 to 50000 to no effect.
    This has all been tried in WinME and windows 98.
    Please if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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    You prob. have some kind of short-circuit in your cables. or some weak connection.
    Triple-check them, and if you're not sure let someone else check them. It's easy not to see your own mistakes again and again.

    If lcdprint doesn't show anything correct on the screen, it is most likely that other programs won't work either.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Raas - The Netherlands
    ME: VIA epia m10000, lilliput 7', opus 150w, 80gb<br>
    GF: IBM Thinkpad 380, ext. 3.5 80gb, 40x4, PB-IR