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All In Wonder 128 PCI Card

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  • All In Wonder 128 PCI Card

    Could someone give me some advice before I buy this card.

    I'm looking to run Cobra 3 on a TFT screen. If the TFT screen is connected to the AIW 128 will it automatically output through the TV out option or does some ATI utility have to be run first. Basically does the AIW and TFT run without problems

    Thanks all

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    Your going to have to boot the computer once with a monitor connected to install the drivers and such and enable the TV Out support under Windows. After that you should have no problems.


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      on my all in wonder pro it automatically outputs to NTSC if i plug in something and then turn on the computer.
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        ATI, cards will enable your tvoutput by default.

        This means that as long as you are booting/running in dos the card will enable the output.

        However, if you have not enabled the tvout in your windows setup, the ati windows driver will disable the tvout when windows starts up.

        otherwise its like Skippman wrote enable the output and you should be up and running


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          Thanks to you all, seems to be the card to go for