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Evision 8.4/10.4 displays

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  • Evision 8.4/10.4 displays

    Evision Displays

    Just wanting to know if anyone has dealt with these people, and if so how do their 8.4 and 10.4 screens stack up?

    They have some sweet packages with touchscreens and brightness enhancement etc.

    Also what is the conversion ratio between the brightness standard called 'nit' and the brightness standard called 'cd/m2. This place only talks in 'nit's and their 8.4s go up to 350nits and their 10.4s go up to 700 nits..

    any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks in advance..

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    To make it worth your while (unless you are a computer engineer or can shell out for an analog VGA board) don't buy these displays... you need a logic board in order to hook up the panel to a video card. Unless they offer a price that is sooooo good that it will offset the cost of a flat panel controller board.
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