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Whats wrong with this deal?

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  • Whats wrong with this deal?

    Thislooks like a good deal. Anyone done this? Do u need a controller or anything? Wonder if u can get it for tan interior.

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    Nothing wrong with it but its a NTSC LCD needs TV out card on the computer for it to work.

    my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)


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      also, get in your car, and if its anything like my honda, the lcd would be damn near 5 inches in front of your face. kinda makes it tough to see. but other than that, its not a bad place for it.


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        the guy sells quality stuff, i have purchased items from him before. My suggestion is to get the lcd near the dash or something, it is sorta close to your face like he said

        custom plexi case
        p3 650

        6.4 lcd

        everything working...except stupid lcd isnt working with shuttle board


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          keep in mind exactly what you want to use it for, and what you're going to use as your input controller. That's an awefully small display if you want to be able to read anything with small type. If you just want some track outputs and an EQ or something then you'll be fine, grab a numeric keypad as your controller.
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