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  • Cheap VGA Screens

    Can someone hook me up with some website links to some cheap VGA screens where I can run GPS and Microsoft Office on? I'm looking for a flat screen between 6 and 7" in size. Thanks for your help!!!!!

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    'Cheap' & 'VGA' are mutualy exclusive

    But really, your best bet is buying a controller off Allen Ruble, and a screen off ebay.
    But Allen is out of stock right now, so no luck there:P


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      What do you mean by a controller? What does it do? How much do they cost?

      Also, when you said a screen off of Ebay, did you mean a VGA screen, or just any kind of TFT LCD?

      I don't really know if I should fork out money for a VGA...Is a TFT LCD really all that bad when it comes to running GPS, and Microsoft Office?


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        My 6.4" LCD uses NTSC and is completely readable (as long as the font is 16pt+).

        Here's a spiel I posted on my site to answer the one question I get most.

        Hopefully this will answer everyone's questions about VGA and NTSC LCDs.

        EVERY VGA LCD needs a digital LCD controller card. What is a controller card you ask? A controller card is just like a normal VGA video card, except that it is designed to drive an LCD.

        A VGA LCD is a digital LCD that has drivers on it that address pixels by row and columns. These drivers are driven by digital signals that consists of a pixel clock, horizontal and vertical timing signals and data bits. There is no memory in the LCD and the pixels are sequentially accessed. The LCD must be constantly supplied timing and data information at a specified rate usually form 60 to 150 frames of data per second. Improper signal timing can actually damage an LCD.

        NTSC signals (aka. composite signals) are what are outputed from the TV out on video cards that have that accessory. NTSC LCDs are also generally cheaper. For example, you could buy a $300 VGA LCD and a $500 controller, or you can buy a $300 NTSC LCD and a $40 video card to drive it.

        As you can see, VGA when used with VGA LCD DOES NOT mean that you can plug it into any VGA video card and expect it to work. You can expect to let the magic smoke out of it, though.
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