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  • Using org. laptop display

    New to this business, but very interested in learning.

    I have an old 400mhz Celeron laptop. I'm not into massive GPS/TV/DVD/Mp3 systems, just as a tryout to see what can be done with a simple laptop.

    I have no problems with the electronics / rewiring but there is one thing that dazzles me. Laptop LCD screen recieves Digital input, while VGA transmitts Analog. Which sux, cause I dont have a converter and I haven't got the skills to solder one.

    What I wanted to know whether it is possible to extend the LCD screen atleast 2-3m away fromt he main laptop body, and use the LCD as my main screen (insteed of purchasing a lillipot).

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    (ohh, and sorry if I missed a here or there ...)

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    This is what most people will say... Look up the actual lcd panel to find out if it is LVDS or TTL. If it is LVDS then you should be able to extend the cable a few meters. If it is TTL it may be able to be extended but not far and the quality will decrease with range.


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      There's a thread in the FAQ Emporium on using a laptop LCD as your main screen. Bottom line: it's not very simply and LCD screens often aren't as bright as the VGA aftermarket screens.

      Also, the quality of the picture only has to be so high. Video isn't good enough but VGA is, at least while you're moving. If picture quality is really important to you the Mac Mini has DVI output.
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