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    I'm thinking of installing two headrest LCD monitors in my jeep. Has anyone done this? The materiel is fabric, is that hard to cut? Also, i'm assuming you dont need vga resolution if you want to play videos,right?

    finally, I'd like the two screens in the back to be independent, ie a gps on one and a dvd on the other. so that's a total of 3 independent screens (including the one in the dash)

    how the heck am I going to control all that stuff?

    I guess i could have one dvd player under each seat, if they want dvd playback, and if one of them wants gps or whatever's on my screen, i flip a switch which connects them to a splitter from my computer.

    am i missing anything here? any links to installation instructions?


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    For the headrest.....

    Now if you want to share you gps is better if they are VGA (I got two composite for DVD and they look ok).
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      The headrest isn't hard to'll need to cut out some of the foam to set it in there. And no, you won't need VGA monitors for the rear if you're mainly going to use them for DVD video.

      As far as a switching system, you can find an A/V switcher (if you're using a TV out from your carputer) to switch between sources...something like this:

      In fact, I have a slightly used one of those for sale, if you're interested. I was going to have independent monitors on my car, but decided to just make everyone watch the same thing


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        @#%$ 250!!! no way jose i am not paying that much for other people's pleasure :-)

        i think i'll just have independent dvd players, those are like $50 bucks.


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          Hi, I'm new to all this, but I think that the clarion is exactly what I'm after, does the "Source Commander" come with the remotes or are they extra. Is the unit still available and what is the exact price? Are you in the UK?