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Have Lilliputs got any better?

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  • Have Lilliputs got any better?

    I have a friend with one the 2004 Lilliput 7" touchscreen and he wishes he'd never bought it. I have also read various horror stories about them. I am aware that Lilliput have now got a 2005 range of updated models. Are these any improvement over theit predeccors, and are they even worth considering purchasing?

    I am looking for an 8" touchscreen which is 800x600 native which seem to be few and far between, as most tend to be 640x480.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    read the 100 other threads just like yours
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      The LinITX 8" monitor is 800x600 native resolution.

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        Not at the moment they havent.

        Product. In-Dash Monitor <GL701-NP/C>

        Supplied. Ex-Audio

        Problems. Returned item delivered (Used State) stopped working after 5 min's

        Comments. Hold back until they get this product right.

        Out come. On Going.

        Rating. Zero at the moment sorry.