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Evaluation of M50 LCD (PE 205-400)

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  • Evaluation of M50 LCD (PE 205-400)

    Hey there. I just bought a 5" LCD from Parts Express. It cost me $150, and it seems like a good deal so i thought i'd write a short review in case you were considering it.
    First, the specs:
    960H x 234V = 224,640 Dots (73% of a 640x480 monitor)
    TFT Active Matrix
    viewable 101.76w x 74.4h (millimeters)
    view angles: 45deg L-R, top 30deg, down 10deg.
    NTSC or PAL (I don't know if this means it switches, or its one or the other. Only tested with NTSC)
    Rear speaker (pretty crappy looking, but free)
    Stand, and a free bracket (as of 9/27).
    Brightness, color and power on front.

    Next, install. The unit is remarkably easy to install. It comes with what looks like an S-Video out jack that connects, via a long cable (about 4-5') to a little box that has Power, ground, acc and audio mode wire (unused by me), and an RCA socket for video input. Total snap to install, since it's already fused and everything's labeled and the leads and cable are long.

    Next, the power-up: Well the install went perfectly and the next part, so-so. It seems that my unit has a bad pixel (maybe that's why they're $138.00 off the regular retail.) It's hardly noticible, unless you look for it or you're displaying all black. For this bargain, its well worth it. Who knows, maybe that's just my unit.

    Security: It's cool how you can unplug the s-video, twist the stand lock half a turn and take the unit with you, or stash it in your glove box. I plan to do that, since it'll only take two seconds. Great thought on the part of Mobile Authority to have there only be two places attached, the cable and the stand (if you use it).

    Anyways, I'd probably give the thing a B+ on picture quality, since the bad pixel is hardly noticible. When you average that with the A+ for value, you get a pretty cool LCD, IMHO.
    Mp3car setup on the way... it's gonna run like this:
    5" TFT LCD running out of a 32 MB 4x AGP GeForce 256, on a 667 MHz Celeron and a 4.3GB Hard Drive, running linux and probably MS98 solely for the purposes of Diablo II.
    Also a playstation 1, and my stereo:
    2 Rockford Fosgate 360a2 (1 punch, 1 power) running 4 10" subs.
    1 RF punch 120a2 running 2 Jensen 6x9s in boxes
    Custom box (it looks cool. pics someday)
    4 ga. & 8 ga. power
    10 ga. speaker wire all around
    16' RF shielded RCA
    Pioneer 1100DEH (until I get a MP3car)

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    I have been eyeing that monitor...

    How thick is it?

    I am thinking of mounting one in a visor, or behind the visor...
    current projects