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XENARC 700 TSV Remote Control

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  • XENARC 700 TSV Remote Control


    I'm getting ready to purchase a XENARC 700TSV to install in my dash. Unfortunately, it looks as if my install will require that the control buttons on the bottom of the screen will be covered by a portion of the dash, thus denying me physical access to the buttons.

    I see that the new model comes with an infrared remote control. I have two questions related to that:

    1. I assume that the remote control will enable me to control the screen the same way the buttons on the screen do, so with the remote I will not need physical access to the buttons on the screen.

    2. Where on the screen is the infrared receiver? If my dash obscures the buttons on the buttom of the screen, will it also be obscuring the remote receiver so that the remote won't function?

    Thanks in advance.