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Interfacing Laptop LCD to Computer

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  • Interfacing Laptop LCD to Computer

    I would like to interface a laptop screen to my computer, so I can use it to watch DVD's eventually. Does anyone know of PCI cards which have the same connector as on a laptop screen, so no soldering is required? If I tried to solder, I'd probably burn the whole laptop screen.


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    LCD screens sort of have a standard language, but there is no standard hook up. You will have to search for your particular screen and find some adapters...some stuff does exhist...but not for older screens.

    You should be able to get a PCI card or MOBO that can drive a standard LCD...but you will have to find the cables/connectores.
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      you might want to use the search function here, as many many people have asked about this.

      The controller cards are expensive, so caveat empor!

      check out and
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